Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello Mr. Nice Watch!

If you are looking for an interesting story because of the title of this post, you're outta luck. However, I will say this, I did choose this title because of my brother Amir. I don't know how we came up with it but I guess it really doesn't matter. You see Amir and I have a very special relationship. Our conversations are almost always a culmination of rap lyrics and silly/childish gestures like "wassup lil mama" or "whats good garbanzo beans". It makes no sense at all and sometimes we even get a little competitive with who can make up the most ridiculous nicknames. If you're fortunate enough to third wheel with me and Amir, you know exactly what im talking about. For this connection I am forever grateful. People who spend time with us must think we're mentally ill for how ridiculous we get with these nicknames. What's even funnier is how we maintain such consistency on the quality of this ridiculousness. It's nice to know that you can act like a complete goof ball and still have a friend who knows exactly what you'r talking about, let alone someone who tries to top your insult! My brother is the kind of person who's always looking for a laugh. The crazy thing is, is that he has the MOST contagious laugh. Once he gets started you're in for a treat. It may not even be funny, but his laugh is so intense, that you begin to laugh at the intensity of his laughter. Maybe one day I will secretly record one of our sessions of laughter and you can see for yourself. Many nights I have found myself short of breath struggling to stay alive laughing with this kid! I see him as the lighthearted soul in my life who always reminds me to live and laugh and forget about everything else.  It's no surprise then, that this random title "Hello Mr. Nice Watch" is a common greeting between the two of us.