Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thought Seeds

The previous post on the Warriors discipline alluded to monitoring thought patterns as means to achieve  your goals. The goals of these posts are first, to remind myself what I know and what I have to be aware of in order to be successful, and secondly, to share my intuition and experience with my readers. My objective is to help you become more conscious of all the things that are stopping you from getting you what you truly want. Lets address how our thoughts help or hinder the process of achieving our goals.

Every thought that comes to you has a certain potential to create. Your reality is essentially a culmination of your beliefs projected by your subconscious. Before you can transcend all of those negative thoughts that loom in your subconscious you must first practice healthy and positive thought patterns in your conscious mind. When you do this often enough, it becomes second nature. Your subconscious and conscious mind will be on equal ground, only reinforcing each other. 

So what are thought seeds? Thought seeds are exactly what they sound like. they are seeds of thought. Think of thoughts as a seeds that are planted. The more you think of a particular thought, the more you feed that seed. Eventually it will grow and become visible. The same principal applys in creating what you want. However alot of the times we negate the thoughts almost immediately after entertaining the primary thought. For example, lets say you want a new job. Before you even decide whether or not a new job is whats best for you, you place all these conditions on how you are going to get this job. The thought seed was planted; you want a new job, but you feed that thought with all kinds of negative and condition thinking like: this job is too far, too complicated, too whatever!!! These are conditions and these conditions only make it more difficult for you to get what you want. Be aware of your thoughts and be aware of how you feed into thoughts. Change your patterns of thought by deciding what you want and trusting that it will happen for you, without thinking about how its going to happen and why it has to be a certain way. Life does not respond to circumstance, only you do. To limit the power of life and the universe is foolish because many times in life we have seen things work out in the most mysterious of ways. Why do we CHOOSE to feel the need to control every aspect of our life. Why can't we trust that whatever we truly desire is already in the works.

You are the ONLY thing stopping you, the only way to change that is to BE AWARE!

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