Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thought Seeds

The previous post on the Warriors discipline alluded to monitoring thought patterns as means to achieve  your goals. The goals of these posts are first, to remind myself what I know and what I have to be aware of in order to be successful, and secondly, to share my intuition and experience with my readers. My objective is to help you become more conscious of all the things that are stopping you from getting you what you truly want. Lets address how our thoughts help or hinder the process of achieving our goals.

Every thought that comes to you has a certain potential to create. Your reality is essentially a culmination of your beliefs projected by your subconscious. Before you can transcend all of those negative thoughts that loom in your subconscious you must first practice healthy and positive thought patterns in your conscious mind. When you do this often enough, it becomes second nature. Your subconscious and conscious mind will be on equal ground, only reinforcing each other. 

So what are thought seeds? Thought seeds are exactly what they sound like. they are seeds of thought. Think of thoughts as a seeds that are planted. The more you think of a particular thought, the more you feed that seed. Eventually it will grow and become visible. The same principal applys in creating what you want. However alot of the times we negate the thoughts almost immediately after entertaining the primary thought. For example, lets say you want a new job. Before you even decide whether or not a new job is whats best for you, you place all these conditions on how you are going to get this job. The thought seed was planted; you want a new job, but you feed that thought with all kinds of negative and condition thinking like: this job is too far, too complicated, too whatever!!! These are conditions and these conditions only make it more difficult for you to get what you want. Be aware of your thoughts and be aware of how you feed into thoughts. Change your patterns of thought by deciding what you want and trusting that it will happen for you, without thinking about how its going to happen and why it has to be a certain way. Life does not respond to circumstance, only you do. To limit the power of life and the universe is foolish because many times in life we have seen things work out in the most mysterious of ways. Why do we CHOOSE to feel the need to control every aspect of our life. Why can't we trust that whatever we truly desire is already in the works.

You are the ONLY thing stopping you, the only way to change that is to BE AWARE!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What is the Warrior's Discipline?

"We must all suffer one of two things the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment - Jim Rohn

The Warriors Discipline is ALL about "Going Through The Motions". When you decide on what it is you want, your following steps are to understand what it does and does not take to get it. Now what do I mean by what it doesn't take. As simple as this may sound it still needs to be put out there. Say you want to drop 10 pounds. Well you know that you have to avoid certain foods, like delicious chocolate cake. Replacing those foods with raw fruits and vegetables is ideal. Eating a chocolate cake is certainly not part of the discipline, and thats the key! 

In order to be successful at what you do, you must first take the necessary steps to put yourself in the postion to not lose your discipline. That means if you're trying to lose weight, you're not going to walk into that bakery flirting with your will power. You know better than that! Once you start setting up your routine (discipline) you know that anything outside that routine has to be considered carefully. In those moments when you are on the brink of letting yourself go, remember all that hard work you put in. Remember the setbacks you use to have. Remember how much there is to lose. A big part of becoming that warrior is being able to see things through. Seeing things through also means remembering what we conveniently forget when we are ready to indulge. Those lies and justifications we tell ourselves right before we are about to do the unthinkable. Remember that eating that cake can only hurt you, remember that cheating on your significant other can only hurt them (not to mention yourself). All around us we see instant gratification. We have lost touch with patience, with understanding the notion that what we do today will benefit us tomorrow, Hence "seeing things through". The only way to "see things through" is to be conscious of every action, word, and thought that is both beneficial and not beneficial towards attaining your goal. When you become conscious of your daily actions, words, and thoughts you begin to gauge how badly you want to achieve this goal. The harder you work, the more you want it and vice-versa, It's as simple as that. There are no tricks to getting around the hard work. There is no avoiding the motions! The only way to avoid all of this pain, work ,and discipline is to do nothing. By doing nothing, we dont get better, hence we are not living life, then we feel the pain of regret and disappointment. In my opinion the pain of regret and disappointment is far greater then that of discipline. At least with discipline you WILL reap the rewards, with disappointments and regrets, THERE ARE NO rewards.

"All things are possible". How many times have we heard this phrase. My guess is many. But what many of us don't know is that this phrase is incomplete. It comes with a stipulation. The complete phrase is "All things are possible, so long as you're willing to work for it "  The Warrior is aware of this condition and he allows himself to do whats necessary to achieve his goals. His discipline is his system for success. His will and discipline allows him to tackle anything and everything that comes his way. The Warrior doesn't make excuses. He doesn't complain about how something is too hard. The Warrior is the tiger who earns his stripes. 

The Warrior is within all of us. Find your passion, state your goals and do whatever it take to get it. Build your Warriors Discipline.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Thoughts, New Dreams, Same Direction!

Always moving forward.

Been gone for a while but now I'm back. I'm going to take the time to write down these thoughts and revelations that I've been having. I havent logged on for a while but I remember that I had a few draft posts that I never published. As I reread some of my old posts, I started thinking about how things have changed. Many of those posts need to be modified and I'm glad to see the differences between what I feel now and what I have written in the past. I know that some of my experiences and posts will help a lot of people, especially the seekers. Since my absence I have gone through many changes. My thought patterns are different. My dreams have changed. But my mind is as strong as ever. I'm on that Warrior's discipline and I'm loving it. I started a training routine that is so hard and so mind breaking that I question why I do it everyday. However, something inside me keeps pushing me forward. Sometimes I dont even know where I get the motivation from to "choose death" everyday because death is certainly what it feels like. I'm going to take a new direction with my writings. I will be posting more and more about fitness, disciple, diet, exercise and holistic practices. I'm sure that many of you will find this information useful and I'm excited to share!

The only thing guaranteed in life is change, not necessarily death and taxes.

Get ready for some crazy insights!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Truth Be Told

Found something interesting in my reading today, very much consistent with my philosophy so I thought I would share.

"At the dead end of our addiction to booze, cocaine, sex, or the bitch goddess of success, we always discover that we were blindly running after was love and that all we ever caught was a poor substitue. And it didn't satisfy us because we can never get enough of what we didn't want in the first place".

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Humble the Poet

Ever have a moment of familiarity? When you look back at certain events that have occurred in your life, do you ever find yourself saying,  "I should be past this" "I've been here before". Don't these moments seem to occur in cycles? I've been experiencing moments like this my entire life. I experience events that keep bringing me back to one essential truth. This truth that I speak of is, everything that we know, we only THINK we know. The fact remains that we know nothing. We are not in the position to proclaim that we know the entirety of a situation, most notably, what someone is thinking/feeling or any other reason we can come up with to explain why something is happening in our life. Because we do not know, we are also not in a position to judge. We go through intense and possibly traumatic (sometimes cyclical) experiences to remind us to be humble. To be humble would mean to surrender to the life force that runs through you. To be humble would mean to lower your guard and accept the state of fragility that life can certainly put you in. I know this is hard, but when you start realizing that life goes on with or without you, it's like a slap in the face that says, "It's not all about you". Unfortunately a few more of us need to feel the "grace" of this "slap".   

When you are humbled by life, initial feelings of powerlessness are almost certain. We get to a point where we become childlike, as if we had to start life all over again. Everything we once knew we can no longer accept. Everything we once felt, we can no longer entertain and we are left with nothing. We are back to square one and this my friends is an extremely frustrating and hurtful experience. This experience we all willingly choose in our life to get our head out of the clouds, whether consciously or unconsciously. The effect however, allows you to build yourself anew, an opportunity to redefine who you are, to be better at being you. Therefore, there is only one thing to do, which is to embrace it because there is no other way to live.

As far as for the things we do know, there is nothing to be said or even question about them. Those of us who truly know what we know, what we believe, what we see, don’t feel the need to defend it or express it to anyone. The very instance we try to express what we know, we do one of two things, the first is that we taint this knowledge we seek to explain by prescribing words to it. Words can never capture the essence of an idea, the totality of your knowing.  Second, by talking about it, we concede that we really don't know it. True masters; don't go about trying to convince people of their ideology, even if they are asked to explain it (take Buddha's famous silent sermons as an example).

Lasting change is almost always preceded by great chaos. When we start to accept these changes in our life, we start, or at least hope to see things for what they are. We are completely unaware of how our desires and projections shape our perception of reality. We can choose to see things the way we want them to be and not even know it. We can be convinced of anything based on how badly we desire an outcome. We become the biggest players in our delusional games simply by justifying what we want to see by convincing ourselves that what’s truly wrong for us, is somehow destined to be right for us.  Isn’t it time to stop playing these senseless games and get serious with our lives? Deep down inside we know we are making mistakes when we choose to ignore our concious. Ignorance is certainly not an excuse. Isn’t it about time to start looking in the mirror and see what’s actually being shone, rather then convincing ourselves of what we want to see. Like I said before, if you have to convince yourself of something, then you truly don’t know it, you truly don’t believe it. The truth almost always lies in opposition to what you are convincing of yourself.

The Truth or Consciousness is such a subtle remedy, because it does not impose itself onto you. It is hidden yet it always surrounds you; in fact it’s everywhere. Yet to the untrained eye, it is camouflaged like the space between these lines, and these lines are what we project onto our reality. Some of us get stuck on these words, (or in this case, my words) some of us look past them and see the uniting platform on which we place these words, for the background is no different when I start this sentence or when I end this post. Although this is quite a confusing analogy, the point that I am trying to make is wherever you look; you are looking truth in the face. We have never stopped seeing the truth, because it has never left us. We have simply distorted its image, and we have perceived it to be twisted with our desires. This is the beauty of choice this is the beauty of life. Life is choice. I believe all of these words, life, consciousness, truth, choice, are all synonymous words for God. It is when we release these desires, attachments, and delusions, from our consciousness, do we see the truth for what it is, and not its distortion. Since we resist ridding ourselves of these vices, we attract this energy that has the intention to break down reality before our eyes. We resist making these changes so much that the only way for us to move forward in our lives is if we invite these rude awakenings. At this point we have no other choice. Once we get past our negative emotions associated with the "rudeness" of life, which only we are responsible for, it truly becomes a humbling experience. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Everything is Backwards

It's ironic how we ignore those who want us, want those who ignore us, love those who hurt us, and hurt those who love us...

Just something to think about. Planning on sharing some profound words soon.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello Mr. Nice Watch!

If you are looking for an interesting story because of the title of this post, you're outta luck. However, I will say this, I did choose this title because of my brother Amir. I don't know how we came up with it but I guess it really doesn't matter. You see Amir and I have a very special relationship. Our conversations are almost always a culmination of rap lyrics and silly/childish gestures like "wassup lil mama" or "whats good garbanzo beans". It makes no sense at all and sometimes we even get a little competitive with who can make up the most ridiculous nicknames. If you're fortunate enough to third wheel with me and Amir, you know exactly what im talking about. For this connection I am forever grateful. People who spend time with us must think we're mentally ill for how ridiculous we get with these nicknames. What's even funnier is how we maintain such consistency on the quality of this ridiculousness. It's nice to know that you can act like a complete goof ball and still have a friend who knows exactly what you'r talking about, let alone someone who tries to top your insult! My brother is the kind of person who's always looking for a laugh. The crazy thing is, is that he has the MOST contagious laugh. Once he gets started you're in for a treat. It may not even be funny, but his laugh is so intense, that you begin to laugh at the intensity of his laughter. Maybe one day I will secretly record one of our sessions of laughter and you can see for yourself. Many nights I have found myself short of breath struggling to stay alive laughing with this kid! I see him as the lighthearted soul in my life who always reminds me to live and laugh and forget about everything else.  It's no surprise then, that this random title "Hello Mr. Nice Watch" is a common greeting between the two of us.